Living a life of faith today is a challenge. We would like to welcome you to share in our journey of putting our faith into action. This website is for that purpose. Whether you are a member of the community wanting to inform your self of times and events, or someone looking to find something you need at this time.

If you want to join us contact Fr Andrew – 01204 436702 or e-mail: fr.andrew@stvincentsbolton.org

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Finance – Two Projects…

If you wish to donate to help us with our parish, we are grateful – do remember your own parishes and families first. There is a donate button on the right-hand side of this page…
We are currently running 2 projects.

1. To encourage parishioners and supporters to make their contributions via standing orders…

Target – 80 – Current 17

We can do it

2. We are fundraising for the installation of a CCTV system for our whole campus…

Target £5000 – Current £3100

Off we go…

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Why not pop into Church…?

Our evening blessing

If you are looking for a way to bring your day to a proper close – why not join us at 9 pm for our 5min evening blessing….

If you want to join us –

Re-live Holy Week

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