As you know from this weekend (4th-5th July) Churches are allowed to open again for public worship. We are taking a cautious approach of opening up slowly – an approach that we hope you will join in with, as we make slow and safe steps together….

Firstly I would like to point out two important facts:

  1. There is no obligation at this moment for you to attend mass. We will let you know when this changes.
  2. Here at St Vincent’s, we will continue our Live Stream – so no one will be left out.

Secondly, things will be different when you return:

  1. There will be stewards who will help us maintain social distancing.
  2. We can have a maximum of 45 people in Church at any one time.
  3. You use hand sanitiser on entering and leaving the Church.
  4. There is a one-way system.
  5. Baskets for your collection will be at the entrance and the exit.
  6. You will need to wear a face covering.
  7. Communion will be at the end of mass and you will be asked to leave straight after receiving the Host.
  8. Even though you might want to… Please don’t gather outside Church after mass…

There will be a “test” mass during the week where I have asked 10 people – mostly stewards to attend.

We will have our first public mass on Friday 10th July at 9 am.

We will have mass at normal times:

Saturday 11th July 6 pm
Sunday 12th July 10 am

After these first openings – we will review how we will progress. We will let you know of any changes that may be necessary.

At this stage, we are looking to see what happens. If more than 45 come on Saturday and Sunday we will not be able to allow more to enter. We are looking at a booking system – but want to see what actually happens….

My hope is we can distribute our congregation over the 6 masses that will be happening over any given week…

Fr Andrew

Why not pop into Church…?

Living a life of faith today is a challenge. We would like to welcome you to share in our journey of putting our faith into action. This website is for that purpose. Whether you are a member of the community wanting to inform your self of times and events, or someone looking to find something you need at this time.

Our evening blessing

If you are looking for a way to bring your day to a proper close – why not join us at 9 pm for our 5min evening blessing….

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If you want to join us contact Fr Andrew – 01204 436702 or e-mail: fr.andrew@stvincentsbolton.org