Celebrating Holy Communion

Last week and this we have focused on the children making First Holy Communion. It’s a big moment in their lives – even though it will be hard for them to comprehend. But for us too, it’s a chance to look at our own understanding and, more importantly, relationship to Eucharist.


Can you remember your own First Holy Communion. I told mys story – not what you would expect – and many other storues are the same – not waht you would expect. As we celebrate our children in these days – remember your own preperation – rember the moment you recieved the Body of Christ.

Bread of Life

So ordinary – yet so special. Bread is a commodity today. But , at the time of Jseus it was an imprortant staple. We here lots of biblical stories of the “manner in the desert”, moments of “unleavened bread”, the disciples in Emmaus “recognise” Him in the breaking of bread…
It is so ordinary – yet so special. something hard to comprehend.
Jesus died that “we might have life” and have it in full.
This is our “connection” to God – he comes to us again and again- and we can come to him.

Many thanks to all thaose who have prepared the children for this experience. We think of their paresnts and of our catechisms…
Many thanks…

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