Giving Thanks

We are in the Easter season- a season of joy and of hope. We are not celebrating Easter alone – we are an Easter People….
I wanted over the next few weeks to express my gratitude to the various groups and officeholders, and point to lessons learned as we come out of the pandemic….


In order for us to safely return to our celebrations in Chruch as a community a lot of work was needed. It was no longer just a case of opening the doors – but now with limits – with the need to protect – much more was demanded.
I am really grateful that Tony Griffin was able to assemble a great team to cover this task.
The task came with an added extra – not only were stewards responsible for getting people in and out of Chruch safely – they needed to do the sanitising and wiping down of all the areas people came in contact with – doors, handles, benches, baskets and more…
It was great to see a new generation becoming involved in this work too…


We are and always have been a welcoming community. For me, the development of the work of the stewards has done a lot to enhance not only the intention of being welcoming but also the experience of this.

I do hope that we will soon not have to be as “protective” of our space, but I do hope that this team of stewards – and others too – will develop the role of welcome in many different ways….

Thanks to you all – from us all…..

Fr Andrew

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