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30 Saturday 3rd week of Lent

God is the Father who gave us life and loves greatly (Gaudete et exsultate 51). 

Luke 18:9-14 
To some who were confident of their own righteousness and looked down on  everybody else, Jesus told this parable.’ 

As our Father, God has counted each hair on our heads. (Mt 10,30). He is the one who cares for the lilies in the fields and the birds in the sky, so how much more must he care for each human being! (Mt 6,25-34). Our Lord often uses images that we can immediately understand. Take the image of the lost son, of the lost coin, of the lost sheep (Lk 15). What does our Lord want to say? God is so much Father that he is even ready to leave ninety-nine sheep in the desert in order to search for the lost one. (Retreat 1937 – JK)

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